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I was keeping (sort of ) a journal for the past two years, just about things my kids have been doing, but I just write so slow. I hope my kids can look back on this with fond memories.

This is a blog about myself, Tanya and Jonathan, Nathaniel (almost five), Benjamin (2.5 years) and Grace (10 months) and the path we take as a family.

The family at Lake Tahoe

The family at Lake Tahoe
Nathaniel is just hiding

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Benjamin is 2.5 years old next week

Happy Half-year Birthday my beautiful boy. Benjamin John Beverley Chappelle will be 2.5 years old on January 21. He is my cuddler, sleeper, lover and needy little boy. Life does not seem like he ever was not here, although I still feel like there is soo much to know about who he is and what he needs, but I learn everyday.

I do know that he needs his binky to sleep, a hug and a kiss before Daddy goes to work, fruit at every meal, and preferably before anything else is consumed. He loves being warm, loves dressing himself, loves to pick out his own shoes. He is not too fond of the cold, loves to sit in his toy car outside, and also loves one of his two strollers to sit in or be pushed in when we are outside. He loves being read to before naptime and loves his nap, with his two or three binky's with him in his crib.

He is starting to enjoy going places with us. He now enjoys going to Target and Costco. I am wondering if he will be my shopper.... competition with Grace to go shopping with Mommy?

And gosh does he love his Daddy. Daddy is his first choice, with Mommy a second, but I have to say good alternative. Maybe it is the stage of his life right now.

He makes me laugh and smile just to see his sheepish grin after he has done something cute. "My want that" is is favorite phrase for him.

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