It started one rainy day in Tigard

I was keeping (sort of ) a journal for the past two years, just about things my kids have been doing, but I just write so slow. I hope my kids can look back on this with fond memories.

This is a blog about myself, Tanya and Jonathan, Nathaniel (almost five), Benjamin (2.5 years) and Grace (10 months) and the path we take as a family.

The family at Lake Tahoe

The family at Lake Tahoe
Nathaniel is just hiding

Monday, March 8, 2010

Has it been that long?

Well, time marches on and I have not had the time to write in a few weeks.....

Last Monday I felt like things were moving ahead, I was catching up with life and was about to start scrapbooking again, and THEN..... Monday night it all slowed down for us.

So first off in the week before Jonathan felt funny with a cold and a tummy ache for a couple days, Grace was "teething" and not eating, Benjamin did not eat for two days, then I thought I ate "funny" sausage and felt sick all day and was hot the next...... and then Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nathaniel was sick.... throwing up and having stomach cramps, going to to toilet a lot, etc. Poor baby, poor Mommy and hero Daddy. I seem to panic and go to the worst-case scenario when someone throws up. It was a long week for us. Nathaniel did not sleep well, did the BRAT diet for a few days, although they say that we should not do it anymore, I will follow it because anything else makes my kids throw up, esp. dairy. By Saturday he was feeling better and Sunday was eating everything in sight to make up for his week-long avoidance of food.

We had a visit from a wonderful friend last night -Erica Collins. The kids loved her, and I love being around her because she is so positive and fun.

This week Grammacia is coming for a visit and for Grandparents Day and to help when Jonathan goes on a business trip.

Well, laundry and making dinner is calling.

I think of my husband and feel blessed, blessed that he is at work today and I am at home taking care of the house and kids.